Elizabeth Learning Resources

Files in the Package

If you download the Elizabeth package from the Elizabeth homepage, and unpack it into a suitable directory on your PC, you will see that it contains the following six files:

  • Elizabeth.exe
    The Elizabeth executable file: double-click on this to run the program.
  • Elizabeth.pdf
    The Elizabeth User Guide: 82 pages long, it covers all of the system's facilities in detail.
  • Elizabeth.ppt
    A PowerPoint presentation entitled "Using Elizabeth: An introduction to Chatbots and Natural Language Processing". It summarises the most important facilities, and is designed to be suitable for teaching a class. It can support up to three substantial sessions, with slides 1-24 being introductory, slides 25-48 more advanced, while slides 49-72 cover sophisticated examples of syntactic analysis and logic.
  • Elizabeth_Handout.pdf
    A handout containing the PowerPoint slides above, with six per page – convenient for quick reference.
  • Elizabeth_Script_Explanation.pdf
    A one-page annotated printout of the inital sample script with which Elizabeth standardly starts, highlighting the main features for easy understanding and reference (for more explanation and an illustrative conversation, see also §§1.4-1.4.2 of the User Guide).
  • Elizabeth_Exercises.pdf
    A 3-page handout containing the Elizabeth Self-Teach Exercises (which are also in §1.6 of the User Guide).


Your Elizabeth installation should also contain two subdirectories, which play an important role in the program's operation. Note that you are free to edit the files in "My Scripts" as much as you wish, but you are advised to leave "Illustrative Scripts" unchanged:

  • My Scripts
    This directory holds the scripts that you edit yourself. Initially, it will contain a sample script named "Elizabeth.txt", and this is the file that gets loaded up when you start the program. Feel free to edit and play with this script. If at any point you want to get back to the original sample script, simply delete "Elizabeth.txt" and start up the program again – it will be replaced with the original version.
  • Illustrative Scripts
    This directory holds the standard illustrative scripts that are supplied with the system. You should not usually edit any files in this directory – they will automatically be copied into the "My Scripts" directory and loaded if you select them from Elizabeth's Help Menu.

Getting Started

To get started, the simplest procedure is this:

  1. Download the Elizabeth package and unpack it as described above.
  2. Double-click on Elizabeth.exe to start up the program.
  3. The program will start up with the initial sample script, of which you can see an annotated version in the file Elizabeth_Script_Explanation.pdf. Play around with the system by typing in conversational inputs like those in §1.4.2 of the User Guide (Elizabeth.pdf).
  4. Start working through the Self-Teach Exercises (in Elizabeth_Exercises.pdf), making reference to relevant sections of the User Guide as indicated.
  5. You might also find it helpful to refer to the first four pages of Elizabeth_Handout.pdf, which summarise the most important facilities.
  6. Once you have finished all the exercises, you should be in a position to try producing a fully-featured chatbot about some topic that interests you. Have fun!